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As an organization, we work and collaborate with all individuals and groups, for-profit and non-profit corporations and organizations, and with the government to reduce poverty and inequality, subject only to the policies and priorities set by our governing bodies.

We Help People!

Creating Brigher Futures

Canadian Centre provides one-on-one and group counselling, organize employment workshops such as job search, résumé writing, career exploration and networking.

We also provide résumé and cover letter review and preparation Support.

Canadian Centre works with employers to help their hiring needs. We help facilitate the hiring of talent and support the retention of a diverse workforce.

We provide pre and post-employment support to ensure employees succeed in their careers.

Our mentorship program provides coaching, guidance and support to the mentee concerning workplace skills, job performance and career development.

Mentors would have experience in their field and they are good listeners, resourceful and want to help others reach their potential.

Canadian Centre provides service users with information regarding settlement, employment and community resources free of cost.

We also refer to appropriate agencies to access the information and services.

Canadian Centre is dedicated to providing the most appropriate and accurate information and referral services for newcomers. We provide free one on one information and referral services.

We do help newcomers with integration into Canada.

Canadian Centre empowers and connects seniors 55+ by recreational and support services.

We also offer services on health & wellness for seniors.

Canadian Centre has a variety of free and unique programs to offer assistance to children and youth who are new to Canada and are looking for work, fun social outings, homework help, and to learn new skills.
We offers workshops, resources and information sessions to help women reach their career and employment goals. In a comfortable, supportive, accessible environment that welcomes diversity and respects individual needs, women have access to quality resources and counselling, free of charge, for as long as needed.
We have been conducting research on various issues for community development. Based on research, we are trying to design advocacy programs to educate community people and other stakeholders.


One of the main purposes of Canadian Centre is to educate people and make them aware about their rights and responsibilities.


“I love The Canadian Centre for Information & Knowledge and would like to recommend to everyone who needs help, pump you up with courage and compliments to enhance your confidence and move forward.”
Tamanna Akhter, Banker

“I had an amazing job search experience with The Canadian Centre! The staff gave me tons of helpful tips, and helped me develop an extremely effective résumé. I was provided with up-to-date labour market information and given the opportunity to interview for multiple jobs that aligned with my career goals and skill set.”

Paul Streeter, Supply Chain Analyst

“I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop organized by Canadian Centre. The facilitator taught us a lot about the Canadian Job Market and its current stage. Their activities are not only for newcomers but also for Canadians who are seeking relocation or are in a moment of career transition. The hours dedicated to the programs are like an investment in our own career. I am glad I met this organization. “

Mahla Jalali, Student

“I’m impressed with the way I’m treated at Canadian Centre; they are all very polite and take their work very seriously. If you are a new comer to Toronto then contact with them is probably the first thing you need to do, they help you out with all that newcomers need.”
Maimun Mahi, Student York University